A bit of progress

Great news! Earlier in the week, I pointed to the nzmaths.co.nz FAQ:

Q: “When should I start teaching the written form?”
A: “Teachers should debate whether they will introduce the written form at all.”

Within days, this sentence was removed. In fact, the revisions are becoming something of a daily event! Today’s answer did not include the sentence “Early teaching of the written form often locks students into low-level thinking from which they never emerge.”

You never know, perhaps the answer will keep changing every day until we’re happy. :o)

Update May 2015: Sadly, the old answer still remains in certain places. In anticipation of it being removed, we have taken a snapshot for posterity:

Update June 2015: On 4 June 2015, this controversial answer was exposed again in Rose Patterson’s report “Un(ac)countable: Why millions on maths returned little”. The Ministry of Education has tidied up their website, so there are no longer three versions of the FAQ and the amended page from 2013 no longer exists.

Dr Audrey Tan, Mathmo Consulting