Ministry’s concern over gaps in NZ maths teaching

Readers will be pleased to know that we already have a name for “space and shape” mathematics. It’s called geometry.

I put it to the Ministry of Education that students’ lack of exposure to “formal maths” is a direct consequence of students’ over-exposure to numeracy strategies. There are only so many hours in a school day, after all.

But let’s remain optimistic. The Ministry may never admit that the Numeracy Project was an abject failure, but the report paves the way for them to quietly sweep it under the carpet. The term “formal maths” suggests more direct teaching and less discovery-based learning.

Concern over gaps in NZ maths teaching – National – NZ Herald News
Students are not being taught enough “space and shape” mathematics and the “huge” learning gap is hurting achievement, the Ministry of Education says. – New Zealand Herald

One thought on “Ministry’s concern over gaps in NZ maths teaching

  1. Parents, do not be fooled by Professor Anthony. There is plenty more to maths than times tables and basic facts, but fluency with basic facts is nevertheless fundamental. Children will never experience the enjoyment of learning geometry, measurement and algebra if their working memory is stuck on basic arithmetic. Focus on the basics and your child will be able to take on these higher-level concepts much more readily.


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