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Dr Audrey Tan provides mathematical solutions of the highest quality. She holds a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, and graduated with a B.Sc. Honours (First Class) degree in Mathematics from the University of Canterbury at the age of 17.

Audrey is not alone in her academic achievements. Her parents, Choon and Rosemary Tan, gave all three of their children an excellent early introduction to mathematics. Both Audrey and her older brother, David Tan, passed University Entrance Mathematics (Year 12 equivalent) when they were 10 years old. David became the youngest graduate in New Zealand at the age of 16. Audrey’s younger brother, Michael Tan, made international headlines when he passed Bursary Mathematics (Year 13 equivalent) at the age of seven.

Audrey was awarded a Senior Scholarship, Page Memorial Prize and Cook Memorial Prize during her course of study at the University of Canterbury. A University of Canterbury Sims Empire Scholarship and an Overseas Research Student Award took her to King’s College, Cambridge, where she completed her Ph.D. thesis at the age of 22. Additional support was gratefully received from the New Zealand Federation of University Women, the British Federation of Women Graduates, the Christchurch City Council and King’s College, Cambridge. Audrey was also elected an Honorary Scholar, and later a Fellow, of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society.

Following completion of her studies, Audrey joined the thriving IT industry in Cambridge, UK, eventually specialising in the development of 3D geometric modelling software. After just two years working for the US-based company Spatial Corp., she was appointed as manager of their UK development office. In addition to her strong technical competency, she has strong analytical and problem solving skills, and excellent communication skills.

Since moving back to New Zealand, Audrey has taken a strong interest in mathematics education and is a highly experienced mathematics tutor. The Tan family has been tutoring students for more than 40 years, and Audrey is both a visible product and a part of their enormous success in this field. She has also tutored advanced students at the University of Canterbury, and was in demand as a supervisor at the University of Cambridge, where individual attention is an integral part of the degree course.

Audrey’s advocacy of a more pragmatic approach to teaching mathematics in primary schools is gaining attention and results. She provides consultation and training to educators in a school setting.

Audrey is married to Dr Michael Hayes and is a proud mother of one.

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