Senior Holiday Programme

Our school holiday programme for NCEA/CIE/IB students is designed to give students a great boost before they go back to school. Students attend two-hour lessons, daily from Monday to Friday in one week of the school holidays.

Typically, students use this week to focus on just a couple of external topics (e.g. algebra and calculus are popular choices) and master their skills in those topics. But as always, the tuition course is tailored to suit the individual’s needs.

The school holidays can be an excellent time to receive some maths tuition.

  • Students are fresher because they haven’t had a full day at school.
  • Without the distraction of other subjects, they are able to really focus on their maths and improve a lot.
  • Students report going back to school feeling more able and confident…and teachers notice the difference too! After just one week with us, some students have gone back to school and won prizes at the end of the year!

Here is some feedback from parents of senior holiday students:

Michael has achieved great results for his NCEA.  He has a Level 2 Excellence Certificate Endorsement including an excellence course endorsement in Maths.  He was really pleased with his Maths results and we are very appreciative of the impact that your tutoring has had on his results.” – Lynne L, mother of Michael, Year 12

“Just been having a debrief with Sarah. Wow what a difference 2 days of tutoring has made. She has just said thank you for giving her chance to have this tutoring.” – Robyn D, mother of Sarah, Year 12

“H and C are even keener now for a weekly slot! C is considering leaving school early on Fridays so she can attend.” – LR, mother of H and C, Years 12 and 10

“Harry recently finished school for the year and received an award for excellence in Maths! Outstanding – and we’re very proud of him!! This was the first time he has ever received an academic award, and it is without doubt that your contribution played a major part in this. Awards aside though, his attitude to studying improved _dramatically_ (self directed) and he definitely had more confidence in his ability after attending your tuition classes. Thanks so much Audrey! You are an awesome woman and we are so grateful you were able to make such an impact in such a short space of time!” – Sharon A, mother of Harry, Year 12

“My son found your tutoring very effective for helping him better understand what he was having difficulty with, and achieve Merit in NCEA Level 2. He enjoyed the friendly learning environment; and the work that he was set was not too taxing time wise, when he had so much other work to do. I was personally really pleased with his NCEA result.” – RB, mother of student in Year 12

“Thank you for the work you have done with Logan this week; I think he has benefited enormously, even in this short time and I am glad he has decided for himself to continue with your tuition programme.” – Sue W, mother of Logan, Year 12

Please contact us for further information. Places are limited, so do not delay if you wish to book a place.