Consultancy on Mathematics Education

“Kia ora and greetings Audrey, I have been meaning to write last week to THANK YOU SINCERELY for coming to visit our educators. They were beaming from ear to ear after your visit. I believe you have a real beautiful manner of demystifying maths and making people feel comfortable. Thank you very much Audrey for always being so supportive, helpful and enthusiastic about what we are doing.” – Gaike Knottenbelt, founding Principal of Seven Oaks School

  • We write NCEA exam solutions at the end of each year. Our worked solutions are top quality, providing more detail than the official NZQA solutions, and occasionally answers more correct than NZQA’s!
  • We provide consultation and write materials for publishers
  • We provide consultation on the development of school mathematics curricula
  • We provide consultation and training to educators in a school setting

To see what we can do for teachers and their students, take a look at this, or keep reading below:

“Our maths has gone extremely well this year with the changes we have made. The teachers have all been extremely positive towards our programme and having you kickstart this back in January was brilliant because it really informed the ‘why’ behind what we were doing. The other day I had three Year 1 learners come into our office to show me the maths they had learnt and they were able to confidently work with 3-digit numbers using the column based addition method! They carried the digits down low and everything! It was impressive. The feedback we have had from teachers is that the kids are really excited and motivated because they can successfully solve some pretty tough questions using this method. We have also had some great results looking at our final end of year data. So we are looking forward to carrying on and keeping on improving. Thanks again for your advice.” – Ben Galletly, Deputy Principal, West Rolleston Primary School