Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you situated?
A. We are situated in Hyde Park/Avonhead, Christchurch.

Q. How long are your lessons?
A. Lessons are typically one hour long, once a week.

Q. When do you hold your lessons?
A. Lessons are typically held on weekdays after school, during the state school term. Students attend at the same time each week.

Q. Is it one-on-one tuition or do you teach in a group?
A. Every student receives our one-on-one attention, but in our experience, students feel more relaxed and have a better lesson if they have a bit of company. We ensure that each student still receives the same amount of attention as they would if it was a strictly one-on-one lesson; the only difference is that we can naturally give them the breathing space they need when they are trying to think and solve a problem. Most students do not appreciate it if we are always watching over their shoulder, ready to jump as soon as they make a mistake! It is far too intense for them, it only raises their anxieties to receive that level of attention, and it is contrary to the relaxed environment we try to provide. Our students enjoy their lessons, and we believe that having a bit of company without the rivalry is a part of that.

Q. Do you group students according to age or ability?
A. No. Each student works completely independently of the other, so it makes no difference how we group them. In fact, we go so far as to ensure that two students of the same age or ability would not be working on the same exercise at the same time, to avoid any competition.

Q. What time slots do you have available?
A. Please call us for up-to-date information. If we are fully booked or we cannot find you a suitable time slot, then we operate a waiting list. You can specify your preferred time slot(s), and we will let you know as soon as a suitable space becomes available.

Q. Do you teach any other subjects?
A. In a sense, we implicitly do. The skills that we teach when we teach mathematics (including reading, writing and the logical processing of information) are readily transferrable to other subjects. This is why some of our students report improvements in other subjects at school. However, on special request, we will help our younger students with reading, writing, spelling and grammar, but this would be conducted in conjunction with maths lessons.