Junior Holiday Programme

Try our tuition for less than the cost for a whole term!

Our junior school holiday programme is designed to give younger students (school years 5 to 10) a great boost before they go back to school. Students attend one-hour lessons, daily from Monday to Friday in one week of the school holidays.

Typically, students use this week to focus on just a couple of topics and master their skills in those topics. But as always, the tuition course is tailored to suit the individual’s needs.

The school holidays can be an excellent time to receive some maths tuition.

  • Students are fresher because they haven’t had a full day at school.
  • Without the distraction of other subjects, they are able to really focus on their maths and improve a lot.
  • Students report going back to school feeling more able and confident…and teachers notice the difference too! After just one week with us, some students have gone back to school and won prizes at the end of the year!

Here is some feedback from parents of junior holiday students:

Connie has had such a wonderful time and genuinely loved the Maths each and every day. You could hear the excitement in her voice each night as she explained to me what she had been doing. You could also hear the pride in her voice as she relayed what she mastered each day. I think it’s the first time that she has felt that she could do actually “do” mathematics. On her NAPLAN, she was below the national average which I had found very worrying and perplexing. All she needed was a gifted person to teach her in a way that made sense. I am very grateful. We shall be coming again. I can guarantee it!” – Peta L, mother of Connie, Year 6 (Australia)

“Millie is loving her sessions with you. She says you ‘make sense’ because of the way your approach things, and she feels totally at ease. She said she could now see how people can actually like maths!” – Michelle T, mother of Millie, Year 8

“Hi, Ella had a great time working with you in the holidays, she said you helped her especially with changing denominators for adding fractions. Thanks.” – Catherine W, mother of Ella, Year 5.

“George really enjoyed his math last week. It was exciting to see his level of engagement! We would really like to continue if possible.” – Paul R, father of George, Year 9.

“I just wanted to let you know that Paige moved into the top maths group in her class today and she is really proud. They have been working in class on some of the things that you have tutored her on and her confidence has really improved and she is loving it. This evening I couldn’t get her up to bed because she wanted to keep showing me her maths and talking me through the strategies. It’s really great to see. I’m so pleased those sessions have made such a difference. Paige also asked this evening if I could book her in for some more tutoring so she obviously really enjoyed herself.” – Jo B, mother of Paige, Year 6.

“I had parent teacher interviews yesterday, & E’s teacher was very impressed with her progress this term with only the 1 week’s tuition last holidays, so thanks once again.” – FC, mother of E, Year 7.

“The confidence boost Luke gained from his week of holiday tuition has lasted. He has been tackling adding and subtracting decimals and converting improper fractions with a confidence that is wonderful to see.” – Linaire J, mother of Luke, Year 6.

“Elise started the week with trepidation and a few ‘why do I need to go?’ questions. Yesterday she bounced into the car telling me adding fractions was no longer a problem and wondering why no one explained it to her before. Today she was fizzing when she got in the car as she told me she had been subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions. And had understood! Not only is she learning the practical how-to side, she’s also gaining maths confidence which on its own is valuable and will amplify the impact. Thank you.”– Ali W, mother of Elise, Year 7.

“Thank you for your tuition of Isabella this week. She really enjoyed working with you and certainly appears a lot more confident in her mathematic ability. That, in itself, should make a significant difference.” – Christina L, mother of Isabella, Year 6.

Please contact us for further information. Places are limited, so do not delay if you wish to book a place.